Collins Stewart Wealth Management is a leading investment manager and stockbroker with an absolute focus on preserving and growing your wealth through excellence, every day.

Our range of sophisticated investment services including financial planning, portfolio management, stockbroking and investment funds, are tailored to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Managing and administering in excess of £5bn* of assets through our international network of offices we are part of Collins Stewart plc – a leading financial advisory group listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Purpose of Collins Stewart

  • Our purpose is to create, build and preserve wealth. By successfully creating, managing, preserving and growing wealth for you we build the value of the business and create wealth for Collins Stewart’s shareholders and staff.
  • Our wealth focus has led to a strong and distinct business culture, where people are:
    • Encouraged to think for themselves and not follow the herd
    • Given space to succeed and be the best
    • Rewarded for creating wealth
  • We are not encumbered with the conflicts of interest that characterise other institutions. This gives us more freedom to focus on client interests without constraints, and enables us to:
    • Take a broader perspective, be more open in our thinking and move faster
    • Deliver ideas, advice and solutions that are truly independent
    • Invest with a high conviction in well researched ideas

How can we help you?

  1. Create wealth (Ways to realise your wealth and build assets)
  2. Grow your wealth (Grow your investment and keep your everyday assets working)
  3. Preserve your wealth (Reduce taxes  – ISAs/SIPPS – and safeguard your capital)
  4. Enhance your wealth (Plan for your wealth to work for you: getting ready for retirement, living off your assets)
  5. Pass on your wealth (Transferring your wealth)